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Tapajyoti Bose
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Dev Decoded: Lessons from publishing 20 blogs

I had been writing blogs since March 2021 and had been posting articles every week consistently. Over the last 20 weeks, I had my fair share of massive hits which made it to the #1 Weekly Blogs as well as articles which no one read. In this article, I would be sharing the lessons I learned on this journey.

My metrics you ask? I am always open for some shameless self-promotion 😉

Views: 104,929
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Followers: 818

Does Reading Time matter?

Short answer no. As the saying goes, content is the king. If you produce good content the views and the reactions will come, doesn't matter how long or short your articles is.

Content is King

The main issue is identifying content that will engage readers. There is no simple solution for this, but I will share how I approach the problem: I try writing articles that users already are looking for. This helps to drive up views as people are actively looking for the information you are providing. You can identify such topics by the issues you faced while building or learning something and share how you solved the problem.

Auto Promoted Posts

Dev algorithm promotes new articles, which is fabulous because you can create new posts regularly and Dev will take care of pushing them to readers. Once you gain some traction with your article, Dev will also promote it in Must Reads Section, which draws even more readers.

Best Time to post

Best Time to Post

Several people carried out their own research and found out that the best time to post articles is on Monday afternoon (UTC) as it's the time when Dev sees its highest number of active users. But I truly believe that quality content will still outperform content released at the right time, but publishing the articles at the right time DOES help in boosting how the blog performs.

Use Grammarly

This the biggest boon for me while writing my blogs. Even the free tier of Grammarly provides plenty of outstanding features ranging from spelling checker to enagagement and delivery analyzer, that helps you write engaging content and take your blog to the next level.


This article covers some of the things I learned over the past few months of writing a blog every week.

By no means I am an expert blogger, but I definitely have come a long way at writing articles from where I started. I had some great successes and epic failures along the way, but above all, I got to learn a lot by embarking on this journey. I found that the best way to learn anything is to try it hands-on. When I began I was scared to the bone, but over time writing has become a hobby moreover, I have become quite decent at writing content. I wish you a Best of Luck if you are getting started on this journey :)

Best of Luck

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Ansh Saini

Hahaha, gotta give credit to the DEV algorithm. I literally created my first draft like 2 days ago on this platform, and now I get this recommendation.
Really great post! Thank you for the tips. This will definitely help out budding writers.

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Tapajyoti Bose • Edited

Glad you found it useful :)