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Machine Learning Resources..

When the pandemic was taking over the world, 'Thanking God for whatever he has given to me' I started exploring Machine Learning. Fortunately with help of my friend I got an entry in one of the courses on Machine Learning for a month.

I was familiar with the Python language, so it helps me to identify the role of python in the domain. Then started to follow the way to study machine learning told by the tutor. But like other guys, I was also unable to keep myself on track.

But one thing was decided in me, that I have to dive into the world of machine learning. After two months, I got myself back in the business and started exploring the ML world. This motivation made me search for a way to study as I don't have any senior or friend around me who is keen towards Machine Learning World and also I belong to tier-3 college in India(joke part 😅).

I got some useful resources to help out other students like me, it's totally up to you guys to choose these resources or not, these resources are helping in my journey so I am sharing them with you.

* Analytics Vidhya (complete roadmap for begineers).
* GeekforGeeks (Machine Learning Section).
* Google Developers site(tensorflow).
* freecodecamp(tensorflow).
* Course by Stanford University.
* Courses on Udemy and Coursera.
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* Blogs on Analytics Vidhya.
* Blogs on Medium and DEV platforms.
* Blogs on towardsdatascience.
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Join Twitter and follow #machinelearning. 
Follow some good accounts...
Like 1.Santiago
     2.Pratham Masoom, etc.

Join Machine Learning Communities on LinkedIn.
Like 1.Machine Learning India, etc.

Read research papers on Machine Learning field to keep motivate.

And read some useful slides on the platform regarding ML.
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YouTube Channels:
* Krish Naik(I am following his path)
* CodeBasics
* sentdex
* Nptel Courses
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Tip: Try to read documentations on various topics.

Excuse me if I have left any useful resource. Hope it will help you also.

Also I am not master in Machine Learning , I am just sharing the resources which are being helpful to me in studying machine learning.

Thank You!!...

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