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Announcing the npm@7 beta!

ruyadorno profile image Ruy Adorno ・1 min read

We have just released the beta version of npm v7 πŸŽ‰

It has workspaces support along with many refactors that aim to make npm better and better in the future 😎

Are you feeling adventurous? Want to check out all the improvements?

⬇️ Get it now:

npm i -g npm@next-7

Make sure to also read the official announcement and check the full list of breaking changes in the npm blog ❀️

πŸ› Found any nasty bug?

This is the first release of a beta version and as such it's expected that there will still be problems to be found and things to be polished.

Found any issues? Let us know!

Have fun! πŸš€

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