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Building microservices on .NET Core

I want to invite you to read our series of articles about Building microservices on .NET Core.

In the first article we introduced the series and prepared the plan: business case and solution architecture.

In the second article we described how you can structure internal architecture of one microservice using CQRS pattern and MediatR library.

In the third article we described the importance of service discovery in microservice based architecture and presented practical implementation with Eureka.

In the fourth part we presented how you can build API Gateways for your microservices with Ocelot.

The fifth part was dedicated to implementation of data access with Marten library.

In the sixth article we showed you how you can combine SignalR and RabbitMQ to build real time server-client communication.

Source code for complete solution can be found on our GitHub.

Solution architecture:
ASC LAB Microservices on .NET Core architecture

I will update this article when a new article in the series appears.
Don't hesitate and check our series!

Part I The Plan
Part 2 Shaping microservice internal architecture with CQRS and MediatR
Part 3 Service Discovery with Eureka
Part 4 Building API Gateways With Ocelot
Part 5 Marten An Ideal Repository For Your Domain Aggregates
Part 6 Real time server client communication with SignalR and RabbitMQ

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Jason C. McDonald

You can actually link this series together using DEV's own features.

In the Frontmatter (at the top of your post, where you put your title and tags), add the following line:

series: Building Microservices on .NET Core
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That's it! :)

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Teguh Murdianto

Part 5 link is broken

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Fantastic one... Thanks for sharing