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List of 70+ JavaScript Projects You Can Work On

One of the best ways to learn JavaScript is by building stuff. But, if you are just getting started, there’s one question you would probably ask yourself. What do I build? Well, a quick search on YouTube for ‘JavaScript Projects’ may answer that question.

However, with 1000s of videos available, you might be a bit tempted to check out each one of them. Well, obviously with limited time at hand, that’s definitely not possible.

In this post, I’ve tried my best to put together a list of some awesome JavaScript projects that will help you take your JavaScript skills to the next level. So, here’s the list.

1. Random Background Color

2. Responsive Navbar Tutorial

3. Custom Progress Bar

4. Simple Countdown Timer

5. JavaScript Responsive Sidebar Menu

6. Dynamic Website Footer Date

7. Random Quotes Project

8. Random Joke Generator

9. Random Name Generator

10. Random Meal Generator

11. Collapsible Navigation Menu

12. JavaScript Modal

13. Custom Confirm Window

14. Accordion Menu

15. Smooth Scroll

16. JavaScript Counter

17. Slideshow

18. Star Rating System

19. Image Gallery

20. Text Shadow on Mouse Move Effect

21. Type Writer Effect

22. Adding a Preloader

23. Preloader Animation

24. Live Website Visits Counter

25. Tabs

26. Animated Tabbed Layout

27. Custom Cursor

28. Form Animation

29. Custom File Upload Button

30. To-do List

31. Another To-do List, Why not?

32. Image Slider

33. Split Screen Slider

34. Typewriter Effect

35. Line Through Effect

36. Page Scroll Indicator

37. Hide Navbar on Scroll

38. Change the Navigation Style on Scroll

39. Animated Navbar

40. Image Lightbox

41. Image Password Strength

42. Form Validation

43. Custom Video Player

44. Weight Converter

45. Quiz App

46. Another Quiz App

47. Previewing Image Before File Upload

48. Filterable List

49. Sort a Table

50. Beat Maker

51. Drum Kit

52. Piano

53. Password Generator

54. JavaScript Calendar

55. Speed Typing Game

56. Simple Analog Clock

57. Create A Color Palette

58. Click and Drag to Scroll

59. Calculator

60. Scientific Calculator

61. Meditation App

62. BookList App

63. Weather App

64. PIN Pad Login Screen

65. URL Shortener

66. Bookmarker Application

67. Virtual Keyboard

68. Shopping Cart

69. Text to Speech

If you are a game developer, you would definitely want to check out the below video tutorials.

70. Memory Game

71. Rock Paper Scissors Game

72. Pong Game

73. Whack A Mole Game

74. Snake Game

75. Connect Four

76. Simple Flappy Bird

77. Space Invaders

78. Tetris

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