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My first React app - A simple Pokédex

Totally new to React (and webdev), coming from Android background. Went through some HTML/CSS resources in freecodecamp/csstricks, then a couple of YT videos and React docs and built this simple Pokédex. Used React, PokéApi and Material-UI to build this.

Overall, had a great experience working with States, Components, API integration(way easier than Android lol), Material-UI(found it very difficult to customize).

Some of the features implemented in the application:

  • View basic details of each Pokémon
  • Filter Pokémon based on Region and Type
  • Sort Pokémon by ID/Name
  • Search Pokémon by its Name/ID
  • Dark mode toggle
  • Scroll to top
  • Lazy loading of images
  • Responsive design

Link to the Pokedex : here
Github repo : here


I know there is a lot of boilerplate code and my CSS requires optimization, but I hope it will improve with time. I need to know the areas that needs improvement and feedback is highly appreciated!

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