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Voices from Women in the digital industry Pt. 6

Illustration by Marina Vishtak

As part of International Women's Day, we at SinnerSchrader created an internal website that was filled with content from our employees. Among other things, we asked various women in leadership positions the same three questions. The answers were so inspiring that we didn't want to withhold them from the rest of the world. The last part of the series presents Feli Kugland's (Executive Principal Engineer) answers.

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What does female leadership mean to you?

Lead by example, like everyone in leadership should do, doesn’t matter which gender they have. Give your voice to those who are not being heard and challenge your male colleagues to do the same. Stepping out of your comfort zone and fighting for a change.

Would you say that being a woman has influenced your way of leading and/or did you have to acquire (or drop) certain qualities to be successful?

When I started my career I was very quiet and shy (it’s fine if you don’t believe me). To get heard I needed to get loud, get comfortable speaking up for myself and others. Nowadays I try to be more quitish, to give others room and try to change those habits I developed over years. Speaking up for others is what I never want to change.

What would you like to tell young women who aim to take a leadership role in the future?

Search for a Mentor and work for your success, nothing comes from nothing. Most important:

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve something.

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