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Voices from Women in the digital industry Pt. 3

Illustration by Gloria Shugleva

As part of International Women's Day, we at SinnerSchrader created an internal website that was filled with content from our employees. Among other things, we asked various women in leadership positions the same three questions. The answers were so inspiring that we didn't want to withhold them from the rest of the world. This time we have Kristina Schmidt's (Head of Talent Management) answers.

What does female leadership mean to you?

For me, female leadership is a chance to create more diversity and perspectives.

At the same time, it is also an opportunity to break down old leadership patterns and create new development opportunities, both for individuals and for us as an organization.

Would you say that being a woman has influenced your way of leading and/or did you have to acquire (or drop) certain qualities to be successful?

It is not just being a woman, but my life experience, my history, my friends and family that have shaped and influenced my resilience and me significantly.

It is also my boundaries that have made me learn by overstepping, that have made me have experiences and that have made me learn again and again.

What would you like to tell young women who aim to take a leadership role in the future?

Take chances and be sure: every fall is an opportunity to learn, use your strengths, be brave and trust yourself! Find someone who supports you and your goals.

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