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Steps of Codeigniter Processing

The designing of the MVC based Codeigniter has enabled it to have a fast performance. It is possible thanks to the simplicity of the framework. And to go further into explanation, it has component singularity, dynamic installation and loose coupling.
As you have a glance at the model,the data flow seems simple indeed.
1.index.php is your php file that comes as default.In fact, php is the most widespread of all the backend languages, which helps developing e-commerce(online purchases, loans, etc.) and social media platforms.
2.Router decides the steps of document manipulation.
3.Cache file is the previously loaded info from the same source. When caching is enabled, there might be no need for further data loading.
4.If it's the time to pass to Application Controller, a security check is a must.
5.The last of the redirection process is the View. After the data goes through view it appears back in cache and then in your browser page.
The broadest of the components is the application controller, which includes scripts,helpers, libraries and plugins.

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