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Totally not coding related, but after a long long process, I adopted this little guy this week! I'm sure he'll be helping remind me to take regular screen breaks 😊

brindle lurcher dog lying on the floor


Completely qualifies as a win Id say


OH MY GOODNESS. He's gorgeous. I love greyhounds and I ADORE brindle greyhounds. Thank you for sharing! 🤗


Congrats! I got a greyhound a few months back and I love her so much. And commence the doggy pics:

First one up, my dog Cora! She is a 7-year-old greyhound and loves a good nap.


☝️ from this post with other great pet pics.


Cora! 😍 She looks so cosy with her wee teddy ♥️

My lad's called Ty - he's a 2 year old lurcher 😊 Still settling in but he's already picked his favourite snoozing spots and told off the local cats 😂

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