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Hello Everybody,

I'm Wali, a bachelors student at BME, Budapest. I'm current studying Computer Science. Over the past few months, I have applied for various intern/trainee opportunities in IT/Software Engineering fields, but without any luck.

I used to believe that my resume was pretty average (considering that I'm a student with minimal professional experience), but after continuous rejections, I decided to overhaul my resume, and start from the scratch. This is what I ended up with:


Here is my LinkedIn profile:

I would really appreciate your feedback/review and tips about how to further improve my resume.


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Nice resume but I don't think that OOP and Microsoft Office are a skill because you have mentioned that you know C++, Java etc which are already OOP and I every Software Engineer knows how to use Office hopefully.


well, good point... honestly, I saw a few "resume gurus" with perfect resume samples putting OOP and Office among their skills, so I thought I'd follow their steps.

As soon as I learn a few more languages (currently learning CSS, JS, HTML), I'd replace OOP and Office.
Thanks for your output.


Those things to be honest are just to fill spaces so that it doesn't looks empty. I wish you all the best in your journey!