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What is ReactJs and why it is so popular?

In this article, we will be discussing what is ReactJs and why it is so popular among developers.

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What is Reactjs?

According to official website of reactjs, reactjs is a javascript library that is used for building the user interface.

But from my point of view reactjs is more than just a library because it provides so much flexibility for building the user interface and user experience.

Reactjs is basically working on the concepts of Components.

Where Components could be anything like navbar , sidebar, header, etc.

In the world of Reactjs, you would hear Reusable components frequently.

But what do Reusable components mean?

Create once and use anywhere & any number of times

That means you can create one component for example a navbar and use it anywhere and any number of times in your project.

Why it is so popular?

According to Stackoverflow survey 2020 Reactjs is 2nd most loved and 1st most wanted library and framework.

Also, reactjs has a great community where you can find all your answers regarding specific topics.

Reactjs learning curve is easy to compare to other javascript libraries and frameworks.

There are plenty of resources available to learn ReactJs.
I recommend you should first start with official website of reactjs. they have very good documentation with a great explanation.


Reactjs is the most loved and wanted javascript library which let you build your user interface with ease.
And if you want to become a front end developer you must know at least one javascript library/framework. I recommend starting with Reactjs.

And that’s it for this topic. Thank you for reading.

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Nice brief introduction....

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Sachin Chaurasiya

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