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Is Web-development the Best Career Choice for 2019?

Whether you are an experienced web developer or wish to become one, it is important to understand that the IT industry is getting more and more competitive due to continuous advancements and developments. With a rapidly increasing number of IT professionals entering into the field, many young aspirants face the dreaded question: is becoming a web developer a sound career choice or not?  The process of selection for a programmer job has itself become a mammoth task, specifically after the drastic increase in the tasks involved in coding interviews.

Before becoming a web developer, it is extremely important to make an informed decision about which type of web developer you would want to become. You can either become a full stack web developer, a front end or a back end developer.

Major Responsibilities Of Web-Developers

Usually, full stack developers are those experienced professionals who possess all the necessary skills and expertise that are required to independently operate a whole website. Full stack developers are those experts who have the capabilities to work with both front and back end development. Therefore, in order to become a skilled full stack developer, it is extremely important that you learn the basics of both, front end and back end operations, to get your skills validated.

Whereas, front-end web developers are those professionals who work on the overall appearance and visual aesthetics of a site, which is usually the end product. Basically, front-end web-developers deal with the operations concerned more directly with the final product which clients get to view on their screens and engage with.

Lastly, back-end developers are responsible for managing the data servers for a website.

Prerequisite Skills For Each Type Of Web-Developer

Usually, front-end web developers are expected to have unmatchable skills in programming languages. Therefore, if you are planning to become a front-end web developer, you need to learn various programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML as well as CSS. However, back-end web development has been observed to be one of the IT skills in great demand and most desired by IT firms. To become a back-end web developer, you are required to cover numerous skills and areas of programming. Presently, back-end programming is done in a number of languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Java, PHP and Python.

Also, having command over different technologies such as Kubernetes, NginX, Varnish and Docker are considered as an added bonus for back end developers. Therefore, to stand out and make your mark in the industry as an experienced programmer, it is extremely important that you have command on multiple programming languages as well as technologies. To achieve this goal, experts recommend professionals to opt for an IT bootcamp if they wish to enhance and improve their existing skills.

A Smart Career Move

If experts are to be believed, presently, a career in web development is a smart choice as it is a very secure and safe option for IT professionals. There are many areas of web development that are still in the developing stage and requires trained professionals to help it grow.

Instead of working as a web developer for a particular organization, you also have the option of becoming a freelance web developer, provided that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to find new clients. If you are a quick learner and have a knack to remain up to date with current trends, then freelance web development might be a good option for you. To develop and improve your skills in web development, there are a number of online tutorials that might give you a basic idea of web programming.

If you work as a web developer and want to improve and update your skills in lesser time for getting better job offers, then you can choose the web developer bootcamp that is specially designed for experienced web developers to update their knowledge in web development. You can select any course according to your needs and budget.

Pursuing a career in the field of web development is not as simple as it seems, as it requires constant effort, hard work and undivided attention in learning different types of programming languages and becoming up to date with recent changes and development in web development.

Myths And False Notions

As a result of recent developments in technologies such as ML, data science, cloud computing and IoT, there is a wrong conception that these technologies have made web development obsolete. However, in reality, all these new technologies cannot take place in web development. Rather, they are seen to be interlinked with the skills of web development, complementing them in various uses.

The concept of web development is broad and extremely versatile. It includes the development of various games, web applications and most importantly, mobile applications. Pursuing a career in the field of web development is an excellent option for 2019 as it is constantly growing, and the demand for skilled web developers does not seem to decline shortly. Currently, skilled web-developers enjoy great demand in the job market, and you can easily make a six-figure income by working as a web developer.

It is safe to say that web development is an ideal choice for individuals who have just stepped into the IT industry. There is no doubt about the fact that web developers play a key role in the current IT industry. This is proved by the fact that there is a great demand for skilled web developers in each and every field of IT.

Final Word

Therefore, if you want to step into the field of web development, then now is the right time to do so. If you are planning to become a web developer, it is advisable to become familiar with different web developer roles. Each position has a different pay scale and requires varied skillsets. Web development is a growing field with a vast array of job opportunities.

However, it is still advisable that you first evaluate your strengths and skills before opting for a career as a front, back or full stack developer. Usually, the majority of the individuals who wish to become a web developer prefer working as a back end developer first, and then as a front developer. After gaining several years of experience as a back and front end developer, it becomes quite easy to become a full stack developer, as it requires knowledge and expertise of both; front and back end web development.

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