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Yes. It's less about the speed and more about being able to type without concentrating on searching for the next key. The human mind can only keep track of four things at a time, and you need them all for programming. You want to avoid wasting attention on typing.


It really helps in speeding up things. I never look the keyboard except when there is unusual key to be pressed. Touch typing can help you become a keyboard person. For a developer, it opens doors to tools such as Vim, Tmux which are primarily keyboard driven.

It isn't too hard to learn either. If I can remember it took me about 1 month to gain a sufficient speed for my requirements.


Yes!I have spent years and years not knowing how to type and have recently committed to spending 15 minutes a day learning. It has been a tremendous help in writing code and efficiency. Just being able to see the words that I am typing as they come out allows me to use Intellisense better, remain in a flow state longer and has relieved a constant source of dissatisfaction and frustration.
I am working on a series of blog posts about the experience of learning and what tools have helped me the most.


There was a nice discussion about this very topic at the beginning of the month:


Thanks for pointing me to that article.

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