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Day 25 check-in — 100 Days of Code

25 Day Review

This is what I've done in the past 25 days:

  • Technical Documentation Page for fCC RWD Cert

    • I finished this on day 16. It needs more styling and clean up.
  • Tribute Page for fCC RWD Cert

    • Started this project but got overwhelmed thinking about the content.
  • JS Algo and Data Structures Cert by fCC progress

    • Finished modules that cover Basic JS, ES6 and Debugging.
  • Responsive Web Development Cert by fCC progress

    • Finished all modules except for CSS Grid and projects.

Goals For Next 25 Days

  • Finish 2 JS projects
  • Start 1 JS heavy frontendmentor project
  • Finish RWD cert
  • Update OS project

25 Day Retrospective

The following breaks down what went well, mistakes, and what I could do better.

What Went Well

  • I'm managing to code everyday. I thought that was going to be the overwhelming aspect, but I've lowered the pressure on myself to just do one line if I can.

How I Messed Up

  • I've stumbled in my open source contributions. I've gotten stuck and again I'm overwhelmed and a little intimidated on asking for help and how to move forward.

How I Can Do better

  • I want to be more active in the #100daysofcode community
  • Instead overwhelm stopping me, push against it a little bit at a time.


  • #100daysofcode - Follow my log here if you'd like
  • FreeCodeCamp - I'm finishing the RWD and the JS certs
  • JS Bootcamp Spring 2022 - I'm in this bootcamp that's going over the fCC JS cert. I recommend joining then hopping in the discord if you need any sort of help! The youtube vids have also been super helpful and encouraging as well!

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