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Exceptional Portfolio(?)

sadiqur_rahman profile image Sadiqur Rahman ・1 min read

3-4 years ago when I was looking for my first job, I wanted to make a portfolio that shows my projects and skills. At the same time, I wanted the website to be fast and exceptional. After it was done, I really liked the portfolio. It's been years since I updated the content. Its not very mobile friendly either, but I still kinda like the portfolio. (Maybe I'm a bit biased 😀)

Here are some weird features I added at that time to attract people 😅

  1. Front page has water wave if you move your cursor (let me know if you notice)
  2. Navigation is on the bottom left (I have never seen a second website having that 😀)
  3. For some reason, I thought removing the scrollbar is a good idea (in chrome you will not see scrollbar)
  4. Skills section has drag-drop functionality (don't ask me why 😀)

Try it on PC (mobile UI wasn't a concern back then 😀)


let me know your experience.

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Walaikum Assalam,
try it now.