What is the best comment service for a hosted website?

Sadra Isapanah Amlashi on May 02, 2018

These days I'm looking for a suitable online comment service. I've tried out many services like Disqus & just-comments. But both of theme has t... [Read Full]
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I've often considered writing my own as a service to sell, I assume there is money to make doing this.

The sites I tend to frequent all seem to use Disqus and I can't even begin to tell how much I dislike their service.

Anyway....Thank the Gods that the dev.to team have their own system.


Thank the Gods that the dev.to team have their own system

You're welcome.


yes, thank the gods 😁👍
but what's the solution for self-hosted blogs?


Facebook comments? :D

I'm kidding :P

What about IntenseDebate by Automattic? intensedebate.com/

You can install it on many platforms, even your own intensedebate.com/faq#li5


See open-source self-hosted systems such as Isso, Commento, Mouthful, Schnak, etc. Staticman will work with GitHub Pages.


There are not a lot of them that I have found I like as a user. Basically, they need to allow the user to authenticate with their service via 3rd party accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). With no further requirements. The comment service should be nearly invisible to the user. It is just a means to an end -- to get comments on your post.

I used to participate in Disqus comments, but now I don't like it and will generally not leave a comment before I use it. Because they switched to prompting the me to fill in Disqus account information before allowing me to comment. I don't want or care about managing a Disqus account... I only want to leave comments. And Disqus also doesn't work well if you turn off 3rd party cookies, which I disable in every browser I use.


Other than disqus, one that I know is muut.com/. I never use it though. Know it because of their js library riotjs.com/ and this 'crazy' article muut.com/blog/technology/redis-as-....


thank you, but the Muut is premium tools and I think that's not suitable for a free technichal blog.
and about riotjs, I couldn't find any comment system init, it is just a UI component tool.


Aaah, look like they have stopped the free plan, although existing account not affected. And no, riotjs is not commenting system. I just want to mention the history.


I think it depends on who you want to use it. For example, I installed Facebook comments on my company website solely so people could leave comments using a service they were probably already logged into. For a coding blog I would never use Facebook, but I would look around for a service that used Github Oauth. Basically, I think if someone needs to sign up to leave a comment, you will never get any comments.

For my own blog, I don't bother with comments. I just cross-post here. 😉


Hi, I am Alex, the creator of the mentioned service, JustComments :-) I have completely missed the post initially. If you have any questions about JustComments, feel free to ask! By the way, I have open sourced the frontend part of the service recently github.com/JustComments/widget Maybe it will be of interest to some of you! :-)


There is a basic open-source backend implementation for JustComments which allows self-hosting: github.com/justcomments/jc-server


I found one recently which is quite nice github.com/gitalk/gitalk It uses GitHub as the backend so if your users are developers it can be a great choice.


I found this old discussion. But, I would like to invite you to checkout Hyvor Talk which I built.

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