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React Instant Chat App Using Node.js and

Hi, I published a post and shared my 9 hours free social media application tutorial for free. But I decided to separate the application part and the chat server part. That because some of you people have already known how to create a MERN Stack application but struggle with web socket applications.

🔥 visit the full tutorial post

and, for those who finished the application part or just interested in the messenger part:

React Chat App Using

In this section, we are going to design a React messenger component and some additional routes in Node.js to get and post chat messages. And finally you are going to learn how to use to send instant messages and notifications.

I hope it was useful. If you want to learn more about web development and practice with real-world projects, you can check my channel out.

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Mohmed Ishak • Edited

OMG dude, you're Lama Dev? I've been watching you for quite some time now. Gotta say the contents you post value more than some other YouTubers' one with millions of subscribers.