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☸️ Kubernetes Primer Coming Soon...

sagarjadhv23 profile image Sagar Jadhav ・1 min read
  • I have created a beginner-friendly course on Kubernetes

  • The course name is Kubernetes Primer

  • The course will be published on my YouTube channel Developers Thought

  • The course comprises of 5 videos. Following is the agenda of all 5 videos

    • What is Deployment, Service, Secret, and ConfigMap?
    • What is Persistent Volume (PV) and Persistent Volume Claim (PVC)?
    • What is Ingress Controller?
    • What is the Readiness and Liveness probe?
    • How to deploy applications using Helm in Kubernetes?
  • I will publish one video every Saturday at 10 AM starting from next Saturday 31st May 2020

  • In this course, I have covered all the basic concepts required to get started with Kubernetes

  • Each video has step by step guide associated with it

  • Subscribe Developers Thought @ https://bit.ly/DevelopersThought to learn more about Docker, OpenShift, and Kubernetes

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