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How many hours do you spend to improve your coding skills?

I think many of you are working as developers. But in this discussion I want to ask how many hours do you spend to improve your coding skills apart from your job. May be to learn a new language. How do you spend the time ? (like doing a project) Share your thoughts.

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Adrian B.G.

Coding is usually referring to the writing code part. Learning a new language is more meta, as in usually a new paradigm, shift of mind.
I guess you are referring to a more broad definition, so as any answer .. it depends.

Few hours a week is enough to have a healthy evolution over time, I would say, especially if at work you do only 1 language/1 framework/1 paradigm, you need to get out of that bubble, for your career sake. (I say career as opposite to a job, where you care only about the present). You can do 0 hours or have bursts between jobs or in holidays.

A few juniors (previous to their first dev job) usually spent on average 4-5h daily just to learn, with 12h peaks. Over time the duration decreases, especially if you learn new things at work.

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Antonio Radovcic

It used to be about an hour a day in the evenings.

Now, for some months it went down to almost zero for kid- and sleep-reasons (trying to get 8 hrs every day).

I'm trying to have ~2 hrs a week of focussed practice (currently doing this one) now, plus an hour here and there whenever things are slow at work.

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Hamza Anis

I do this whenever I get time. An average of 2-3 hours per day.

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Todd Hogarth

I recently read the book Clean Coder, which recommends 20 hours per week of purposeful practice. I'm not there yet.