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Best nodeJS resources

This post was originally written on my blog here->

This has been one of the longest pending and most requested articles on my blog so today I finally have sat down to list my favourite javascript and nodejs resources for beginners.

Personally, I had experience with C and Ruby as programming languages before diving into Javascript so I didn’t start off with Javascript as my first language but surely these are resources that will help you whether you are a beginner in programming or just Javascript or NodeJS.

1.You Don’t Know Javascript (Beginner-Mid)
I always highly recommend this series of Javascript books whether or not you have been introduced to programming before. It takes you through all the concepts in Javascript including the DOM, asynchronous coding, error handling etc.

Also, it is absolutely free to read online here ->

2.Net Ninja Youtube channel (Beginner)
If you are a fan of learning through videos and you like English accents then this channel is for you. This guy has a ton of playlists on everything javascript, node and web development in general. A great resource if you go playlist by playlist and learn the skills from him. Highly recommended as well.

You can check the channel out here ->

  1. Techsith youtube channel (Mid-Advanced) One of the hidden gems of youtube programming channels, this channel has a little more advanced videos than net ninja but he explains the concepts in a much deeper manner. If you are stuck in understanding some concept of Javascript, do search if this guy has a video on that!

Check his channel here ->

  1. Eloquent Javacript (Beginner-Mid)
    No javascript resource list would be complete without this book here. Also, it was my first experience with javascript and I really recommend reading this one if you too are coming from a different language background to Javascript.

  2. The complete NodeJS developer course (Beginner)
    If you are getting into web development after learning Javascript and want a great introduction to web development and Nodejs in particular then this course is for you. You’ll understand the entire ecosystem and how to make web applications without getting overwhelmed.

Check this course on Udemy here ->

  1. Advanced javascript concepts (Advanced) Easily one my favourite and most interesting courses makes the list here. Though this is an advanced course, I couldn’t praise it any more. You have to see to get it! Also, do check this out only if you’re fairly comfortable with JS.

Check this course here ->

Other than all this, all I can recommend is to create personal projects on NodeJS, take help of stackOverflow and google and try to build something and only then would you be able to experience the real problems and gain experience.

Interested in learning ReactJS and Ruby on Rails as well? Go check out this page where I have resources for those ! ->

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