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How to Start a Career as a web developer?πŸ€”

Hi there πŸ‘‹,
Lots of you might be thinking πŸ€”, should I go in this coding field or not (I also used to think😜) but after some outer motivation I chosen this path and started to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. I took many online courses and watched lots of YouTube videos and scrolled thousands of webpages and finally, now I find myself at a good position of web development. But still I am learning new things about web development everyday, I also created some fun projects by taking help from YouTube.
But if someone wants to get into this field then I would suggest him that:

  1. Don't take it too seriously 😑(in starting it will definitely give you a little bit of pain)

  2. Don't 😢hesitate to ask

  3. Don't try to learn whole things at once

  4. Build funπŸ˜„ projects (this will improve your skills a lot)

  5. Keep learningπŸ™„ everyday (even for one hour)

  6. You should build your own portfolio (as you should have something to showcase your skills)

  7. You can learn programming for free of cost if you don't have good budget (even better than a paid course)

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