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Optimize your Blog with 7 steps

Blogging has become the forgotten blessing of the digital marketing world. The reason why I say this is because of the simple fact that blogs have been forgotten by businesses online. Studies show that 60% of businesses have blogs and 65% of them have not updated their blogs in the past year. Why is this happening? Well, the answer is, most bloggers are not aware of the simple ways to optimize their blogs and make them more Search Engine appropriate.

This is my message to all the writers and entrepreneurs out there. Instead of forgetting about blogs, learn the little tricks and optimize them wisely.

Here are 7 simple ways to optimize your blog.

1) Do a thorough Research on Keywords:

The strongest weapon which helps win the SEO war is Keywords. Everything comes down to playing with the correct keywords in the correct places. If you notice, your blog might already have a few keywords. But it would not hurt to know what the keywords you should be using are. Take the help of Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Moz Toolbar, Buzzsumo, etc. to improve your keyword game.

2) Look around the SERP:

Let me ask you a question right now. When you are looking into any topic, do you look around the search engine result page (SERP)? Some might be nodding their heads replying with a yes. But the majorities have their guilty face on. Before taking the help of some fancy keyword tools, take a look around the SERP. It provides you with a lot of related keywords at the end of the page. It also shows you single-liner questions which have the related keywords you are so desperately looking for.

3) Choose your post Title wisely:

Of course, your Blog has a Title. But do you include the main keywords in the title of your blog? That’s right! Include the focus keyword in your Title and you will win the game by 30%.

4) URL should contain Keywords:

Never thought URLs should be given a thought while writing and uploading blogs right? If you include your focus keyword in the URL it helps you in your SEO ranking majorly.

5) Don’t forget about your headings:

Every blog will have only 1 H1 heading but many H2, H3, H4, H5 headings. Try to include related keywords in the headings. But make sure to avoid keyword stuffing. You will get penalized by Google.

6) Optimize the image as well:

Yes! You read that right. The images that accompany your blog should be tagged with Keywords as well. Fill out the alternate text field with a small description filled with keywords.

7) Use internal links in your blog:

Some love and acknowledgment have never been harmful. Mentioning other bloggers in your article is also considered good blogging etiquette. Plus, there are chances of being mentioned in someone else’s blog as well. 

So roll up your sleeves and put your thinking caps on and start writing. Remember, these simple points, and be sure to see the results. Finally, enjoy blogging.

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