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Continues Learning (CL)

Every newbie developer wishes to have the freedom to make mistakes and learning new technology, etc..

If you read that from in opposite order you will find something interesting, if you do continue learning it will reduce the mistakes in your coding, I spent 30 minutes every day in my office for learning something new and 2 hours from my free time so I'll get 2 hours and 30 minutes for a day completely for learning new things. when I start my career I don't have any idea about the frameworks in java/javascript, I started to spend 30 minutes and started to learn spring MVC and backboneJs ( our team using that ), I got an idea about both frameworks and I didn't stop my daily learning I kept exploring as a hobby and finally it became my routine for me. I started learning spring-boot and angualrjs now but now I felt something interesting when I start learning backbonejs my inner voice always said to me you can't make it please stop this, but now my mind starts saying it is peace of cake you can make it easier, my conclusion is once you start learning new technology please continue don't stop it. It will help you it will become your daily routine start with a small duration and keep going.


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