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In Love with Gitlab <3

When I was doing my college i "studied" about the SVC ( software version control ) but I was not sure what the heck I can do with SVC in my life. After I joined for the internship I got to know about the GitHub which will help you us to keep our code in remote and we can share with anyone your code will be open source all time if you don't have money, But I want to start a project and don't want to make it opensource, so I google for "best free alternative for GitHub". I found few google links interested but unfortunately, the Gitlab was not listed in that result at that time, so I go for bitbucket and I can share my code with 5 co-developers but my friends want to see my codes but I was not able to share that more than 5 people. a few days later I read a news about remote working in Gitlab. I googled for what is Gitlab and Github vs Gitlab I found interested in Gitlab free unlimited private repository unlimited peers, CI/CD integrations, todos and all tools for developers. I found easy to use and don't have to create accounts in different tools such as Trello. Altasian everything comes under one roof moreover CI/CD is awesome feature from Gitlab.

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