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Myths about freelance world...

Hi, my name is Saifullah Usmani. I am a Programmer and a Graphic Designer. I have been programming for 5 years now. And I have worked with several freelance clients.

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The freedom:

If you think by freedom it means little to no work, then you are mistaken.
From freedom the freelance community means the freedom to work on the projects that inspire you. The projects that you love to work on.
It is basically pursuing your passion, and the work you do with passion is no work but joy. So that is what it means by freedom.


You have left 9 to 5 job to work 24/7. That's right, it is no joke. I have explained in previous two posts about the "things I learned in freelancing" and "how to get out of freelance rat-race of staying with trend all the time as a developer" some of the things you may face in freelancing.
But if it is passion then working 24/7 is your dream about what you love.


Yeah there is more money in freelancing then in a job. But freelancing income is not safe just like a job. SO try to build assets and get financial literacy otherwise you will regret your decision. Read financial literacy related books such as "Rich dad Poor dad" or "4 hours work-week". (that's the only honest advice you will ever get.)

Don't get demotivated:

This is not to demotivate you, this is actually to show you what it means to change lanes like that. You must know what you are stepping into. People who try to pursue you don't tell you that. They only tell you sweet things, but I think the truth must be told.
I love freelancing and I will soon transition to business. But not everyone love it.
This is real life. So take any action wisely.

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