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Saikat Chakrabortty
Saikat Chakrabortty

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lots of interview without success

So its been almost more than 8 months, i'm searching and interviewing , stopping again to look back and again start. in the loop.
interviewing with no success at all. sometimes i can make it up-to the last round too.

my expectation always is like:

  • good team where people interacts and active & eager to help each other.
  • nice & advance tech stack, where people just not make apis or small functions, but solve some challenging problems.
  • an open culture is followed.

Issue i face 90% of the time, or the cause of the rejection is:

as i'm working more than 2 years in using Node Js stack.
most of the companies prefer someone who have experience with how to deal with scaling issues. [its even expected in general]

But as i've never been to those situation & having no such experience, all i can do is just study on those, and i believe its a kind of experience by only studying you can never be aware of real world problems, and people gonna ask about the real problem only.
also in other hand, this type of source are very limited, so without hands on experience on this type of topics, its not much possible to have a clear knowledge which they want ,i guess.

There is lot more issues are there like this.
and i can say there are lot of people who are facing this type of situation like me only.

just seeking some advice,
let me know your thoughts/tips anything on this
will be really helpful.

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Hi Saikat, I'm sorry.

What is weird to me is that you're clearly looking for a job as a junior, so how come they expect you to know how "to deal with scaling issues" ?

It sounds like they are not actually looking for juniors so why do they let you advance to interviews if they clearly know you're not what they are after?

Isn't anybody hiring juniors anymore? :(

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Saikat Chakrabortty

so, if you just forget about those measures about junior and senior positions for a second,
its like i want to learn and grow, if get some chance, it does not matter if its a senior position or a junior position.
i guess no one comes with such skills from the "womb". clearly face challenge, bang your head on it, learn few things, unlearn few. thats how it works i believe.

and even for a junior, to get in to that level , he must need such experience, otherwise same will happen. isnt it?