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Sai Sandeep Vaddi
Sai Sandeep Vaddi

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How does monetization of opensource app works?

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Hi folks, I have a couple of questions regarding making a PRO version of an app.

1) If I want to make a PRO version with more features of my already existing open-sourced MIT licensed app, what changes should I make to the license and code? Should I fork and maintain a private repo with different license?

2) If I get any contributors to the oss version, since I'll be using majority of the oss code, will the contributors who helped on oss version become stakeholders? If so, How much and how to share revenue among contributors?

For example, how does business model of Octotree browser extension work? (Amazing extension. If you use GitHub, do yourself a favor and use it.) It is Opensource and has FREE and PRO versions.

Any other things & suggestions I should consider?

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Ryan Kahn (he/him)

This Changelog episode taught me volumes I didn't know about open source and how it fits into a business model. They cover open source vs open core (Q1) and focus a lot on how a business built on open source can interact with the community around its product (Q2). Take a listen!

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Sai Sandeep Vaddi

Great. Thanks a lot :)