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Why i would recommend Thoughtworks for others?

Hello 👋

I am Saketh Kowtha working as a dev in Thoughtworks. You can find more about me on LinkedIn.

Let's jump into the topic.

Anyone who has an idea on programming can build an app or a software. But the major challenge is not only the output but also Quality, Maintenance and Readability etc

As a fresher, most of the developers will be focusing on writing minimal and efficient code. They would not focus on clean and readable code. I was also focusing on the same at first. But, I have changed my mind after joining in TW.

Aspects that have changed my mindset in TW:

  1. Pair programming
  2. TDD (Test driven development)

How Pair programming will help ?

If you are not aware of pair programming refer this link before reading.

  1. Pair programming is an efficient way to share knowledge.
  2. If two people work together then output is more efficient than individual work.
  3. Can name variables and functions better.
  4. Can write readable code.

How will TDD help ?

  1. It will increase the code quality.
  2. It will give confidence to developer and team that everything is going in a right way.
  3. Can give more reliable solution.
  4. If we plan to write a proper tests then documentation is not at all required.
  5. It helps to us to write cleaner code.

In ThoughtWorks these two practices are strictly followed so that each dev will write cleaner, readable and quality code.

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Philippe Bourgau

Indeed, being exposed to Pairing and TDD changes the way one programs forever!

I see you are a math lover, this talk might interest you: The Science of Unit Tests - Dave Steffen - CppCon 2020 The speaker explains how TDD is actually the scientific method applied to building software. It provides theoretical foundations as to why TDD works: tests are like experiments!

Thanks for your post!

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