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My development environment

I preferred to code online instead of doing it locally. As I am very much uncomfortable to organize the project folders locally & that why I do coding work completely online.

My development Env.

I have 2 vps which I only use for my Development purpose. One is from Vultr(2gig, 1cpu) & another one from DO (1gig, 1cpu).
All of my projects are configured there & I use an online IDE Called CodeTasty which is just the tool I need & the ide is connected to both of my servers via ssh. I can easily switch between the servers when needed. With the IDE I can easily organize my project files, commit & push the codes to git repo.

The summery of my development environment:

  • I configured my project files on cloud servers to manage & organize the codes
  • I have connected an Online IDE to my dev servers & do code directly to them
  • I use GitLab & GitHub for final code store or version controlling
  • I test all the projects from my dev server with a subdomain
  • Once testing is done I push the codes to production via GitLabs CI/CD or GitHub Actions

Hope my workflow will help you guys.

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indydevguy profile image

Interesting dev setup, have you ever thought about or tried docker?

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Md Salehin Khan

Yes I tried & Docker is awesome.. I will share my docker env setup soon