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Saleh Mubashar
Saleh Mubashar

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How to use React History in React JS

Hi guys.

Ok so today we I will give you all the simple steps to use
Browser History in React JS.
Now you might be wondering, what is it for?
**React Router History **can be used to go to a previous page or to go to the appropriate response page, for example after a user logs in, he should be redirected to the dashboard page.

Step 1

Install react router dom.

npm install --save react-router-dom
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Step 2

Import the history package from react router dom.

import { useHistory } from "react-router-dom"
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Step 3

Assign the history function to a variable (not necessary but

const history = useHistory()
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Step 4

Use the push() function to redirect the user after a successful login, for example.

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Here we are sending the user to the dashboard.

And there you go!.
Thank you all for reading this post.
You can find the same article with a little more explanation and detail at HubPages. React History Hubpages
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Until next time

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