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Podcast: Getting Dev Certified with Julia Doctoroff

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This Salesforce Developer podcast episode features Julia Doctoroff, a Managing Implementation Consultant at makepositive. She is a San Francisco native who made the move to London several years ago.

Julia Doctoroff

After moving to London, Julia soon realized she wanted to have a deeper understanding and better communication with the development teams at her organization. So, she decided to get developer certified.

Together we discuss her experiences in getting a developer certification from the perspective of a Salesforce admin. Julia also talks about the importance of getting support and how she found support for her goal from a group known as RAD Women. She shares her experience with learning to code; including the most frustrating and most rewarding aspects of getting dev certified.

Show highlights

  • How she discovered RAD Women and getting her Salesforce Application Architect certification
  • Her first hands-on coding experience with RAD Women, including DML statements
  • The importance of having a safe place to experiment, practice, hone your developer skills and be outside of your comfort zone
  • Demystifying the concept of programming and how it’s a lot like learning a new language
  • What it’s like being a Salesforce admin with a developer certification



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Thank you for sharing your experience. Certification will add weightage to the developer. congratulations for completing Salesforce admin certification