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Salesforce Standup with Jae Taylor

lclindeman profile image Laura Lindeman ・2 min read

Welcome to the Salesforce Standup, where we check in with employees in our Technology, Marketing, and Product organization from locations all over the world! At every Standup we ask our guest some questions to help us get to know them better. As any good standup should be, it's a quick chat where we’ll find out answers the questions that matter most—or maybe are just the most fun. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Today's guest, Jae Taylor, is a director of Product Management for Service Delivery at Salesforce. That means he drives the efforts to make sure our platform, which so many people depend on, is highly available and highly performant.

Outside of work, Jae is passionate about the importance of mentorship, which he's seen at play throughout his varied career. He's not a morning person but has started running first thing and finds it makes him more alert and productive throughout the day. And, he loves spending time with his kids building video games.

Jae is pictured with his wife and four children.

Catch the whole interview to find out more about Jae!

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