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4 tools all developers should use

Developers are always looking for simpler ways to do more advanced things in less time, and one of the many ways that they can achieve this is by using a selection of tools to supplement their workflow. The aim of this article is to cover some of the major tools that people use, and to give you an insight into what they can do to make your life easier.

And to seal the deal, all the tools I’ll be mentioning are completely free to use, which is an incredible price for what you’re getting from them.

Git / Version Control

Git is the most well-known version control tool out there. It allows you to store your code on a server (thereby reducing data-loss risks), collaborate with other developers and share your code online. Another huge plus to Git is that it allows you to go and look at other people’s public repositories, and see how they solved certain problems. This can then help you solve the problem in your application, and it can save you lots of time and effort.

Git is open-source itself and it comes with a huge selection of extensions that allow you to modify the functionality of the system in a huge range of different ways.

The fact that Git allows you to go back and review previous versions of your code, see how it’s changed and keep track of issues as well as provide you with lots of automation tools makes it quite clear that Git, or a Git alternative is a must-have for nearly every project.

Whilst you could install a system like Gitea on a VPS and then run your own Git server, there is a selection of different services out there that provide Git repository hosting as a service. These services often come with lots of extras too, and usually a very generous free tier. The most notable Git host out there is definitely GitHub, but it is closely rivalled by GitLab among other solutions.

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