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My Learning Notion Template

My template

Duplicate the template into your Notion space and you are ready to go!

I created this Notion template just a few days ago since I felt I wasn't retaining enough from what I learn and it always seems like I learn about so many new stuff everyday but I can never recall anything. After surfing on how others are tracking their own learning journey, I came up with this template for myself!

Screenshot of my own log

Screenshot of my own log

The template has a Table and Calendar view.

Here are my reasoning for the columns:

  • Completed? : Acts as a motivation for you to complete what you are learning without giving up.
  • What : What are you learning about?
  • Why : Always define a purpose for learning about that particular topic.
  • When : Date of learning
  • Where : Links to what you are learning.
  • Tags : Create tags with the common topic of what you are learning so that you can later filter entries when you need to recall what you learnt about that topic.
  • Duration : Minutes you learnt for.

Everytime you sit to learn something new, create an entry and time yourself. That puts you under pressure to use the minutes wisely without getting distracted!

Do let me know if this template helps you and how we can improve it!❤️

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