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Top 5 Extensions for your VS Code 🏅



Your productivity is governed by your tool belt. Obviously, you can write code in a notepad or a terminal, but if productivity does count for you, then VS Code is the most customizable of all editors/IDEs. I am primarily a Ruby on Rails developer but the extensions I am recommending below count for all languages except the first one.

1. Ruby extension pack:

Well, in short, it’s not an extension but a collection of numerous ruby on rails extensions. This extension pack includes Ruby, Ruby Solargraph, ruby-rubocop, Ruby Language Colorization, Ruby Haml, Simple Ruby ERB, ruby-linter, ruby-symbols.

ruby extension pack for vscodeRuby extension pack for vscode

Extension Link:

2. Git Lens:

Yeah, that’s the famous turbocharger. I mainly use it to blame code, i.e, knowing who wrote the line which I am about to change.

GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities built into Visual Studio Code. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and so much more.

Git Lens extension for vscodeGit Lens extension for vscode

Extension Link:

3. Error Lens:

Most certainly this is the cure for my OCD. ErrorLens turbo-charges language diagnostic features by making diagnostics stand out more prominently, highlighting the entire line wherever a diagnostic is generated by the language and also prints the message inline. Key features being:

  • Highlight lines containing diagnostics
  • Append diagnostic as text to the end of the line
  • Show icons in the gutter
  • Show message in the status bar

Error lens extension for vscode

Error lens extension for vscode

Extension Link:

4. Tabnine - AI Code Completion:

Whether you call it IntelliSense, intelliCode, autocomplete, AI-assisted code completion, AI-powered code completion, AI copilot, AI code snippets, code suggestion, code prediction, code hinting, or content assist, you probably already know that it can save you tons of time, easily cutting your keystrokes in half. Whether you’re just getting started as a developer or if you’ve been doing it for decades, Tabnine will help you code twice as fast — all in your favourite IDE.

Tabnine extension for vscodeTabnine extension for vscode

Extension Link:

5. CodeSnap:

If you have seen my previous blogs, almost all of them contained a code screenshot at least. CodeSnap is really simple to use just select the code and it will generate a mac-ish screenshot for it on the fly. Features included:

  • Quickly save screenshots of your code
  • Copy screenshots to your clipboard
  • Show line numbers

CodeSnap extension for vscode.

CodeSnap extension for vscode.

Extension Link:

Do comment if you guys have explored any hidden gem in the jungle of VS Code extensions that tops your recommendation list.

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Happy to be part of this great list! Thank you for the mention ✌🏽

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I've always seen CodeSnap pictures on the web, it looked like magic. Such an amazing recommendation, thanks for showing me!