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Sam E. Lawrence

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Passing Go (Not the Language)

Monopoly board with a view of the "Go" square

I've been programming on and off for the past several years, always picking up new ideas and skills along the way, but never really breaking through to the level of understanding required to complete any significant personal projects or use programming as a core function of my job.

A little SQL here, a bit of load testing in Groovy there... some JavaScript apps for fun on the side, but never a really proper deep dive into software engineering or a career in code. All that changes now. In my new role, I will be automating our test cases using Cypress and I must say, I'm excited.

So many of my future plans will be made possible once I move from an amateur understanding to something more functional. Starting as late as I am, I will probably never be a great programmer, but that's not the goal here. The goal is to amplify my function as a tester on my team and to open the door to greater experimentation and learning down the road of life.

I'll be tracking my learning progress on this blog here, so if you're interested in observing someone learn how to program (for real), stay tuned.

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