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From Travel to Tech

Hi - my name is Samantha, I'm a remote work advocate and (new) lady in tech! Before the pandemic I ran a successful online travel company, it was the first of its kind in Australia and I was (and am) incredibly proud of co-founding this business and running the company whilst traveling the world for years.

However with borders closed and a lot more time on my hands than I had in previous years, I saw a new opportunity, that now was a great time to make a change into the tech industry. A huge component of my previous role was online, and in the travel industry, and as a business owner I spent my days solving problems, and loved it.

I began by doing some self-led courses, consuming videos and tutorials and falling down rabbit holes of cool libraries and fun projects but realised I would have to get serious if I was to really switch careers, so I found an intensive 12 week tech training course offering a tech re-training program and haven't looked back.

The course was difficult, like drinking water from a fire hose - each day felt as though I had missed a week as new concepts were poured into my brain, along with a copious amount of coffee but with the continued support of a very patient mentor and supportive cohort members I was able to complete all of my projects and a virtual client bootcamp that concluded with a presentation to over 75 attendees!

I am proud of how much I have achieved. Learning as an adult is hard, learning to code is also hard but rewarding. I love to see my code go live and I hope to secure my first tech role this month, within 12 months of my decision to switch careers.

If you are reading this and thinking about learning to code, do it. If you are on the journey, stick with it, and to all of us good luck and happy travels!

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