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Why Should You Learn Python In 2021

Python is a huge deal as a programming language in 2021. From automation scripts to Artificial Intelligence, Python supports everything. I am sure, even if you are a newbie in the programming world, you have heard of Python. If you do not know Python, do not feel disappointed. There are many great articles and blogs that will tell you about the popularity of Python. In this article, I will try to convince you, why you should learn Python. Take it easy, it is up to you, whether you want to start with Python or not. You will not regret learning Python.

Syntax That Makes Sense!!

When you are learning a new programming language, syntax becomes a huge deal. If syntax does not make sense, the main idea does not click. For example, when I was learning C in high school, the printf() function did not make sense. I knew that print means that we are showing something on the screen but what is the point of f?
The great thing about Python is that the syntax makes sense. It is simple and not hard to learn. If you are thinking of teaching programming to 10-year-olds then Python is a great tool. If you are someone who does not want to dive too deep in programming, Python is still a good option. You can learn the fundamentals of programming by learning Python.

Saves Time By Doing The Dirty Work and Mundane Tasks

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As a writer, you need good images in your articles to make them interesting. You also have to make sure that the size of those images is optimized. You can alter the size and dimension using programs in your OS. What if, there are too many, like toooo many images that you have to optimize. It will be a long, tiring day for you.
You would be thinking, why am I talking about writers and images instead of convincing you to learn Python? Hear this: You can write a Python script to do the mundane and repetitive tasks for you. Python is a great automation tool. If you know Python, you can write scripts that will handle file optimizations, data filtering, and so much more. The moment you realize that some of the tasks are getting repetitive, you can write a Python script. Are you convinced about learning Python yet?

There Are So Many Opportunities

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As the world is advancing, the computational power of computers is increasing day by day. Not many people care too much about memory utilization when they are writing small scale applications. This is one of the reasons why Python is getting popular and why learning it is a huge deal. Now, you can write profitable applications with ease and simplicity.
Python allows you to work in web development, data science, artificial intelligence, app development. These are just major fields that I listed. Apart from this, if you are a hobbyist, you can have lots of fun with Python. If you want to earn and have a professional career, Python is still a good choice. Python developers earn good amount of money. You are in a great position if you start learning Python.

Best books to learn Python

If you are convinced on learning Python then, first of all, Congratulations for thinking about doing something new. It's always fun to learn something new as a developer.
A book is always a good option when you want to learn something. As your well-wisher, I have compiled a list of Best Python Books that you can get a head start from. You can check out the article, it is easy to go through.
You will find books that will help you as a complete beginner. A book that will teach you the automation and all of the advance stuff. If you are interested in web development, I have a book for that.
I hope you have a good journey in learning Python. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Cheers!!!

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