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Sam Thorogood
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Blog-A-Day in June 2019

Hello! I'm on the Web Developer Relations team at Google. However, I'm on leave for the next little while—albeit while being a bit sleep-deprived, because the leave is due to a new baby. 👶

So, I have a naïve dream of being productive during this time. Though I'm sure folks who've experienced the early days of having kids are going to laugh at the idea of being able to focus on anything that looks like work.

Goal: Posts 🥅

With that in mind, rather than setting overly ambitious goals—I'm not specifically trying to write whole new projects, compilers, games etc—I've set myself a goal of sharing some knowledge once per day for all of June 2019.

These posts are going to be on a variety of topics: some will intersect with my actual job (I am on leave, but turns out I enjoy making the web better!), some will be technical but not about the web, and some might even just be waxing lyrical about an idea (with a technical bent, of course). 🤔💭

Read On 📖

20: Progress Indicator With Fetch
19: Graceful Shutdown Is A Lie
18: Divert Vertical Scroll To The Side ↔️
17: What To Expect When You're Expecting To Drop IE11 🗑️
16: Modern Web Components
15: Google Assistant now supports "Open/Close" devices
14: Install This PWA To Continue
13: Matching elements with selectors in JS
12: PWAs that download like apps 🗜️
11: Disable a HTML form while in-flight using fieldset
10: AMA, Sam 10-yr Googler in Web DevRel
9: Beyond appendChild: Better convenience methods for HTML
8: What did a IoT device do on my network?
7: Automate Reading Form Results with 🤖 Chrome
6: Sam's dotfiles highlights
5: Declaring JS Variables in 2019
4: Detecting Select All on the Web
3: Arrow Functions break JavaScript parsers
2: Civilization is a game you never lose
1: Rebuild only when necessary in Node

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Gift Egwuenu

What an awesome idea! Look forward to reading your posts.

Also Congrats on having a baby :)