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Top 3 best Laravel CRM Packages

DayBydayCRM, Krayin, LaraAdmin are the top 3 active open source laravel CRM packages currently in the ecosystem.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework in the developer ecosystem due to its simplicity, clarity and flexibility that make projects more secure and scalable.

CRMs play a very important role in day to day business of every size. In the laravel ecosystem, there are many laravel CRMs to be made use of. Here we are going to discuss the most commonly used opensurce laravel CRM packages:


DayByDay CRM is an open source CRM system written in PHP Laravel.
The platform allows you to easily create projects and assign them to clients and users.

Github Repo:


The platform provides Lead Control features so that you and your team will not forget to follow up with the clients and DayByDay CRM collects all the important notes from previous meetings and details about the clients.

It offers many other features like task control, user access, managing contracts and documents and many more.

Live Demo:-


Laravel CRM helps to manage your business more effectively. Krayin CRM is powerful software that connects all the data from sales leads and customers all in one place.

Github Repo:-

It offers functionality like Lead Management, Activities Management, ACL system and Contact Management, Custom Fields and much more.

Krayin CRM Software

Krayin is very flexible and easy to use even for non-tech savvies and as It is open source project customization can be done very easily even at the core level too.

Live Demo:-

KrayinCRM offers Kanban view displays so that leads can be organized based on their stages to give an idea of their progress and how much revenue is expected to be generated.


LaraAdmin is a Open source CRM for easily starting Admin applications with features available like Advanced CRUD Generation, Schema Manager and Workflows.


Github Repo:

Let us know your thought on the above CRM system in comments below

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Octavian Matei

LaraAdmin wasn't changed in 5 years, so it's pretty much dead.

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Saurav Pathak

Thanks for the information