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How to build a SAAS Chatbot?

I have a problem which is I'm building a chatbot that is used for some booking systems like event booking, I have built it with rasa and bot front for my personal use. So I'm moving to make it as SAAS product where many people can onboard themselves and make there own Dialogflow and deploy it into there website/FB messenger, chatbots that popup in the websites and ask us the question that based on client's dialog-flow. is there any way to do that, or how they did that.

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keyvan_m_sadeghi profile image
Keyvan M. Sadeghi

Check out rasa-bot

sanjaykhanssk profile image

Thanks, but i was asking about the SAAS where each client can have their own bot in a single instant

rajput245 profile image
S Rajput

Hi SSK, did you find solution for this?

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