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Learn these Programming Languages in 2021

We have more programming languages than ever before. With the rise in technology, the world has created a new programming language for every task. There are so many programming languages in the market and it can become a little too overwhelming🤦‍♂️ for you to decide the right one for you. I have put together for you🤗 the top programming language in 2021 by collecting the data from GitHub and Stack overflow developer survey. These are the programming languages which has the most influence on today's technology. So without any further due let's get started.

I am not ranking any programming language here because each programming language has its own special quality and It won't be fair enough to compare them.


Yes, you read it right. Python is the king of the jungle 🦁. With its ever-growing demand and easy to learn features. Python has been on the mind of every single techie out in this world. With time python is replacing every other programming language in its field from web development to data science. In simple words, everything is possible with python whatever you want to build python got you covered😊.

  • Python is a high-level language and it is very easy to learn.
  • It has a library for anything you wish to do makes it the most popular language.
  • codeless works more
  • It is user-friendly🤗 and has uses everywhere.



If python is the king then Java Script has to be the Queen of the jungle 👑. This internet is working on javascript, from web sites to basic web applications it's the only javascript. Java Script was built for the sole purpose of web development and so its major application lies in web development only. From Facebook to Google each one of them uses some or the other form of javascript for their websites. Some special qualities

  • Js has a huge market💹 and opens door to freelance opportunities.
  • It is the most used programming language in the world.
  • Client-side JavaScript is very fast. It runs immediately within the web browser as there is no compilation requirement
  • Plenty of resources and mammoth community support.


C/C++ is like the bread🍞 and butter of programming. Almost all low-level systems such as operating systems, file systems, etc are written in C/C++. If you wish to be a system-level programmer, C/C++ is the language you should learn. Mostly every programmer's journey starts with C/C++ and for a reason, in C/C++ everything needs to be done with the help of code you have libraries for the basic task but not for everything. Due to this to make something You have to code from the basic which helps you understand the core concept of computer programming💻.

  • Programs are more efficient and easy to understand [C/C++]
  • One of the most powerful programming language
  • Wide variety of application domains, such as games, GUI applications, and real-time mathematical simulations [C++]
  • Faster than Js and python


GO programming language is the newest in this stack🆕. GO, also known as Golang, is a programming language built by Google. Go provides excellent support for multithreading and so, it is being used by a lot of companies that rely heavily on distributed systems. Companies using Go as their programming language include Google, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, among many others. Go is also gaining in popularity among data scientists because of its agility and performance.

  • Backed by Google
  • Being a statically-typed language makes it more secure
  • Cleaner syntax makes it easier to learn
  • Very fast as it is compiled to machine code


Java is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. Java is one of the most demanding programming languages of all time. JAVA is more popular because - easy to learn, secured data, code robust, applets give flexibility, portability in a network, object-oriented, platform-independent. Java has multiple application too it is used for application development, android app development and also in web development. One can build a successful career with JAVA as Back-end Developer, Big Data Developer, Android Developer, Embedded Devises Developer, etc

  • easy to learn (similar to C++)
  • secured data
  • portability in a network
  • platform-independent
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Andrei Dascalu • Edited

Sorry, I don't see any reason to like and share. It's just a random list containing some generalities about languages.
It's missing any premise as to why you should learn any one of them, missing any data to support claims to popularity (and popularity alone isn't much of a reason). Plenty of languages are left out, for no apparent reason.
Zero effort went into this.

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