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Summer Vacation and Coding

It's summer time!!

I hope everyone is done with their exams, and now we have a good long summer break.

You can do several things this summer break if I have to classify them on a larger scale then we have two different ways DSA and Development. Most of the students will try to work in the Development or DSA domain.

For this post let's focus on the development side,

  • There are different paths that you can take to start your development journey. It's not like DSA where you have a defined set of questions that you can solve.

  • let's talk about one of the simplest paths that one can follow for development. Pick a few programming languages for beginners it would be HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • First, try to make a single page application(SPA) it can be related to your interest or you can make your own portfolio website.

  • Now next step would be to create a website where you want to take user feedback. Like in the form of a Login page or some sort of survey website. Again it's up to your how you want to explore the web world. For this, you need a few more technologies my preferences would be PHP and MySQL.

  • Your website is ready but it still looks old, lacks responsiveness and is slow to use. To fix this issue you have to use certain CSS frameworks such TailwindCSS, and Chakra UI along with Frontend frameworks such ReactJS, and Angular.

  • Now, the next step would be to save your form data on a remote database. You can use Postgres (SQL), and MongoDB(NoSQL) databases. To make this happen effect you have to use certain frameworks such as Node js, Django, and React Js.

So now you have made a really good project with the help of different tech stacks. You can put this project in your resume and look for some startups which work on the same tech stack as you did.

Happy Learning :)

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Andrew Baisden

Good luck on your coding journey!