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Where can I practice frontend development?

Is there any website to practice frontend development so that I can improve my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills?

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Hayden Rouille

I'd say the best way to practice this would be to build actually things. When I first started coding I re-built some websites just for the front end (no functionality)... try building for example, and you'll find it will be great practice for you. To take it a step further you could even then start looking at the source code for and see how they went around doing it vs what you did, to help you improve.

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Nishant Mittal


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Prashant Chaudhari • Edited

I would highly recommend Frontend Mentor. It is a really great platform. You will find plenty of challenges based on your level. The good thing about it is they give you a design for mobile and desktop and starter files including colors and fonts. So, you can start without worrying about other stuff and focus on development. The community is great as well. You will get feedback from other people which helps a lot. Just go and explore Frontend Mentor. I am sure you will find it useful.

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manish srivastava

Create a new account there.