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Real-Time Marketing Automation for Enterprises

Marketing automation has always been the most important aspect of every industry.
Many brands have understood the need for the urgency of having a digital presence now. Customers spend most of their time on digital platforms thus marketers in every industry should understand this and interact with them in a more personalized manner.

A lot of companies claim to build a platform that helps marketers to interact with their users in the most preferred channel.

But do they really interact with them in real-time?

Customers expect personalized digital experiences while interacting with brands. To engage customers and prospects through digital channels,
marketers must know each customer, understand their precise needs and intention, and provide the right offer at the right time.

Lemnisk’s real-time marketing automation increases conversions, retention & growth for enterprises. It can be used to decipher each customer’s behavior, understand their digital experience, provide personalized recommendations and deliver a consistent experience across channels. This results in creating moment-based customer experiences across channels via preferred customer touchpoints.

The basic functionality of a MAS is to simplify the work of marketers. Right from automating tasks such as lead qualification, campaign creation, and other time-consuming activities, marketing automation has been a massive boon for digital marketing. Today, there are several martech tools in the market that focus on certain aspects such as email automation, social media automation, campaign orchestration, etc.

Most of these tools work on pre-defined rules set by marketers. They do not have the capability to change the rules in real-time as per customer behavior and responses. This is the time for intelligent automation. As martech and adtech tools keep evolving, the usage of advanced AI-assisted algorithms can do wonders to a normal marketing automation system. The results are more or less doubled when AI is in play when compared with regular results sans AI.

A Grand View Research study revealed that by 2025, the value of the marketing automation industry could touch $7.63 billion. Marketers should choose automation tools that are able to deliver personalized content in real-time on an individual user basis at their preferred time of engagement and on their preferred channels. An AI-based marketing automation system built on a CDP helps in orchestrating omnichannel user experiences that immensely help in customer acquisition, retention, and advocacy. This results in generating significant revenue for the company and guarantees substantial returns on the amount invested.

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