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Museum of Candy Project

saqibs3291 profile image Saqib Suleman ・1 min read

After I completed the CSS section of the Web Developer Bootcamp including Bootstrap, we were pretty much done with learning basic CSS, now all that remained was to bring all the skills, that I picked up in the CSS section, to practice. For that, I recreated a simple webpage that was a code-along exercise of the course where we added a navigational bar, a header section and 3 more lorem ipsum sections just to practice responsive images and order of columns. In this exercise, I learned how to make a website responsive and got to see how we can use bootstrap to layout our content properly. It was a good overall practice of the basic HTML and CSS properties that I had learned in the previous section.

I have deployed that site on Netlify under the link You can also find the source code on Github.

Github link:

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