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Nevertheless, Sarah coded

My passion for web design goes back to when my family got our first computer, back in '97.

I was in grade 4, and really into this computer game and soon found a community online of users who created their own websites around the game. I taught myself how to use a program like Photoshop to create my own graphics, and I built a website using Dreamweaver. I had so much fun and I was so proud of making something myself, and some of the girl friends I made online in that community I am still friends with to this day.

That said, though, naturally as a kid my passions soon developed elsewhere and it took awhile for me to get back to it. I went to university and got a Bachelor's degree in Humanities with a Certificate in Hellenic Studies, and then I went into the teaching program and received my Bachelor of Education. I passed, was set to become an elementary school teacher, but suddenly realised it wasn't really what I wanted to do. I was struggling with a lot of anxiety at the time, and I took a step back.

I became a travel agent for a few years because I knew I really wanted to travel more, and thought it would help me discover what I truly wanted to do with my career. I wasn't totally fulfilled in the job because it was just customer service and I was really craving something that was more challenging and creative. Funny enough though, that job did bring me back to web design. We used a program that was very similar to MS-DOS, a lot of short hand codes to get into airline availability. I was really fast at it, and even when we switched to a new UI, I preferred to use the old terminal coding method. I remembered my 10 year-old self, and I started to look into web design and coding.

I did a part-time course with Lighthouse Labs to dip my toe in the water, and then I made the decision to go to BCIT for their full-time Technical Web Design program. I LOVED it. Creating websites and coding was fun, not just work. I completed my certificate with distinction, and finally felt satisfied knowing I was starting a career I would be really fulfilled in.

Flash forward to 2019...

I have been a junior frontend developer at Thinkific for nearly a year. I love my job (even when I am experiencing Imposter Syndrome), and even though my journey here may have taken longer than I would've liked, I wouldn't change it for the world. I am also so thankful to work with other amazing lady devs, who inspire me every day.

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Helen Anderson

Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your story :)