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My Master Guide To Learning Front-End Development and UX/UI in 2020

A couple months ago, a good friend of mine asked me how to learn how to code. Since she already has a background in design, I thought web design or UI developer would be a good fit for her. So to help her get started, I created a master list on my github to share with her.

I included a variety of topics such as:

  • Essential Topics and Learning
  • Mastering the Front-End
  • Tutorials
  • HTML, CSS, & Javascript
  • Advanced Topics + Computer Science
  • Exercises
  • Just for Fun
  • Developer Communities
  • Accessibility for Developers
  • Job Boards
  • UX & UI Design

I tried to cover a wide range of topics and subjects, especially ones I wish I had learned about when I first started. Like accessibility for examples. Or learned more computer science concepts.

When I first started out, I learned the very basics of HTML and CSS, we barely covered Javascript in my classes. We did however touch on other great ideas like Wordpress and responsive web design.

But I didn't know that there were guides on how to learn everything and I wish I would have known about them back then. I really enjoy the popular Road Map to Front End Development (2020) and other similar resources.

Guides like these make learning development a lot less daunting, since otherwise everything is overwhelming. For the newbie dev or beginner programmer, it can be tempted to want to learn everything at once. But I think with some guides and mentorship, we can help each other grow and become better.

Please let me know if there is anything I should add to it!

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