Holy Quran app made via NativeScript.

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Holy Quran app made via NativeScript.

sarfraznawaz2005 / nativescript-holyquran

Holy Quran app with English/Urdu translation.

Holy Quran

Easy-to-use, ad-free and open-source Holy Quran app for Android with English and Urdu translation made in NativeScript.


  • Search entire Holy Quran for English translation keywords
  • Ability to bookmark/favourite verses
  • Ability to easily share the verses with others
  • Filter feature
  • Optional English and Urdu translations
  • Option to auto restore last reading position on launch
  • Easy to use and ad-free









Download APK

Install and run on device (for developers)

  • npm install
  • tns platform add android
  • tns run android


  • English Translation: Saheeh International
  • Urdu Translation: Fateh Muhammad Jalandhry

Please inform me at sarfraznawaz2005@gmail.com if you find any issue or problem in text.

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This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

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Umm, that's all?
Like just link and we should check it out?
Why not share the motivation, struggle and the behind the story etc? :) It would be interesting, come on!



Very useful, God bless you and all of your efforts will be thankfulness.

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